Dear Muslim brothers & sisters!

As we are all aware, the current CORONAVIRUS pandemic has hit many countries worldwide, including Australia. Unfortunately, the virus has and continues to spread at a rapid rate. As a result, officials have implicated restrictions on any gatherings that exceed 100 people.

Additionally, suggestions have been made to postpone Jumu’ah prayer at local mosques. It is our responsibility as a society to do anything possible to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and protect our community from its effects. Hence, until further notice, Australia Light Foundation (ALF) will enforce the following changes;


*** Jumu’ah prayer will NOT be held at the following ALF operated Mosques:


291 Sunshıne Road Tottenham

14-16 Freda Street Broadmeadows

144 Fitzroy Street Fitzroy

*** NO daily prayers will be performed in congregation (as a jemaah) at our mosques and masjid’s.

Those wanting to pray alone at our mosques and masjid’s will be able to do so.

During this period, we advise our Muslim brothers and sisters to comply with measure to minimise any chance of spreading the virus and to seek medical attention at any sign of illness.

We pray that Allah (SWT) protect us.

Australia Light Foundation Management


Our English ders have moved online! You can find our weekly classes uploaded on Youtube on the Yeni Asya English channel:

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