ALF's Water Filtration Live Demonstration

Australia Light Foundation organised an open house live demonstration event of SkyJuice's SkyHydrant ultra-filtration water system. It was an event aimed to endorse a life-changing system that can help bring a sustainable, humanitarian aid to people who lack the availability of clean water.

Professor Rhett Butler, the Chairman of SkyJuice Organisation joined the event as the demonstrator and instructor of the live demo.

He delivered an extensive presentation of SkyHydrant ultra filtration system. It was detailed with information regarding sustainability, the economic benefits and the functionalities. Many of the attendees expressed great interest and engaged fully with the tutorial.

The live demo was held outdoors where the system was set up by one of the community members of Australia Light Foundation. There, the attendees were able to witness the process and results of the ultra-filtration system.

The event finished off with a relaxing and bonding breakfast and snacks in the community center lounge room.

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