Story of Muhammed from Pakistan

Muhammed is a young boy from Pakistan who was diagnosed with Lymphangioma of the tongue. Lymphangiomas are a type of malformation of the lymphatic system. It causes great discomfort the the victim where they are unable to close their mouth and utilize their mouth and tongue functions normally. This makes necessary tasks such as eating, drinking and talking immensely challenging and painful. It is a rare condition that requires a difficult operation.

Australia Light Foundation together with Australian Peace Foundation had organised a fundraising campaign to give financial aid to Muhammed and his family for this difficult journey.

In the beginning, there was a doctor from India who was going to operate three surgeries on young Muhammed. We helped finance their travel expenses from Pakistan to India and the operations. Unfortunately, when the doctor examined Muhammed's condition in detail, the doctor told them it was a very risky operation and so the operation was cancelled.

Though it was a grievous news, a doctor back in Pakistan reached out and said he would be able to help Muhammed. The family went back to Pakistan to the doctor and was admitted into the hospital where Muhammed was to undergo procedures.

Many examinations and procedures went by and now young Muhammed's condition is rapidly improving and is now stabilized. He is now able to almost fully close his mouth and his face structure is slowly normalizing. Muhammed will continue to receive more procedures to further improve his mouth condition.

A big thank you to everyone around the world who have supported Muhammed and his family through the campaign, donations and their prayers. It was indeed a community effort and an amazing result was achieved.

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