Story of Abdiaziz from Somaliland

Abdiaziz is a seven year old young boy who lives in Somaliland in Africa. He has been suffering from a bilateral cleft lip/palate.

A cleft lip occurs when there is an opening in the persins upperlip.

At my last visit to Hargesa, Sheikh Mahmoud had mentioned Abdiaziz's condition to me.

Abdiaziz's condition was so bad that his siblings were unable to sit with him to have their food together. He needed to eat alone because food and saliva would often drip from his mouth.

With the sponsorship of Australia Light Foundation, Abdiaziz has been able to have two successful operations.

Abdiaziz's condition has now improved and he is able to eat together with his siblings. He no longer needs to eat alone.

We thank all the brothers and sisters who support our aid and humanity projects.

A special thanks and appreciation to brother Jama Farah and Sheikh Mahmud for their tireless efforts.

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