Australia Light Foundation also focuses on providing ultrafiltration solutions for countries that lack the access to clean, safe water. We provide ultrafiltration apparatuses which is both sustainable and economically friendly. Our aim is to provide solutions that encourage sustainability and dependability.

ALF Tottenham conducts live demonstrations of our ultrafiltration apparatus to visitors for a better understanding of how the products we provide works in the countries that lack basic living necessities. Find out more by contacting us through our Contact Us page or drop by our Tottenham branch.



Bushfire Aid - November 2019

Thank you all for your contributions.


$500 has been donated online, in addition to $1500 at Jumm’ah prayers, making a total of $2000. The money raised will go to the families affected by the bushfires in NSW and QLD.


May Allah swt reward you all.


Australia Light Foundation


Support for Nur Orphanage - July/August 2019

Australia Light Foundation organised an aid campaign for Al Nur Orphanage Centre in Somalia. Established since 2006, this orphanage has grown larger and has become the homes and education centre for hundreds of orphaned children. 

We reached out with the help of our generous donors from our community to help support this establishment, providing the children and other occupants the means to improve their livelihoods. 


Aid Programs to the Rohingya Rufgees - May 2019

Once again the Australia Light Foundation did not forget the innocent Rohingya Refugees.

The Rohingya Refugees fled their home country from the barbaric attacks to seek refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh. Since their arrival in Bangladesh, they have continued to struggle and remain isolated and abandoned.

The Australia Light Foundation together with Australia Peace Organisation has been delivering aid programs to the region since the refugees arrived into Bangladesh.

Our latest contribution has been the distribution of food and essential goods as part Ramadan. May Allah reward our donors for their generous contributions.


SkyHydrant Live Demo Event - October, 2018

We hosted an event at the community centre to propagate the idea and inform the community of a life-saving technology. It is a sustainable and ecologically-friendly technology that can provide clean water to communities who lack the availabilities of clean water. We will be demonstrating SkyJuice's SkyHydrant Ultrafiltration System. Click here to read more about the details.

Our Vision

The Australia Light Foundation’s vision is to work towards a kind of civilization empowered with strong material and spiritual values, nurtured under the light of true moderate Islam by using contemporary methods and communications means and respecting individual differences.

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